Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XVI targeting a mature note

Final Fantasy XVI 'quite action oriented' with a Mature Story

Final Fantasy XVI was the biggest announcement of the Sony PS5 showcase. Returning to the fantastic worlds of the previous games of the series, the game sees the protagonist and his allies involved in a war involving crystals and the version invoked by Eikon, although this time around certain characters known under the name of Dominant – including the Joshua ally – have the ability to turn into these creatures, and since the official logo presents stylized versions of Phoenix and IFRIT, there is a strong bet that they will have a substantial role to play in history.

One of the things that few people have noticed is that the game is… well, more gorging than the previous entrances, which despite the fact of regular people hacking with swords, shooting their enemies or just the Burning alive, was relatively light on bloodshed. Consider that almost all games have had a disaster that ended the world to avoid violence has not been too often a problem, but it seems that Square Enix doubles this problem by making Final Fantasy XVI the most adult of the Series so far, being the first set of the main series with a temporary note of M according to a recent newsletter.

Of course, censorship is a delicate subject. A hetero sex scene, for example, often receives a note lower than a kiss of the same sex. We do not know exactly yet WORQUE The game was very well noted, and it could just as well for language or nudity. Given visible blood splashing – like the one that strikes Joshua in the face – the most likely explanation would certainly include the details of the injury, that is to say the actual amount of blood we see and the context of this blood. Watching blood on the floor is one thing, see a knife actually enter a body, or a spectator getting hit by him, is enough to make censors more cautious.

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