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Final Fantasy XIV: The best Levequests to make Gil quickly

How to make millions of gil with your levequests in ffxiv endwalker
Make Gil in Final Fantasy XIV can take a lot of time and be quite tedious. Fortunately, Levequests are here to save the day by quickly rewarding Gil for her craftsmanship in Final Fantasy XIV. Usually you would have to wait until someone buys the item you manufactured to make a profit, but with LEVECESTS you simply produce a requested item and are paid for it immediately. You will also receive a little XP if you don’t already have a exhausted craft class. Let us go through which levequests are the fastest and easiest to do to earn you in Final Fantasy XIV quickly.

Best Levequests for the quick earn of Gil in Final Fantasy XIV

There are many ways to earn Gil in Final Fantasy. One of the best options is to do handicrafts, but you have to wait for your article to be sold before you make a win. Here Levequests come into play. These are repeatable quests that every class can accept. These are not very useful for combat classes because dungeons offer more money and EP as well as equipment. But for craftsmen and collectors, this is a great way to level and earn money.

The best levequests will be included in the current content, so you have to make your way to Old Sharlayan and go to the docks. The person you are looking for will be shown to you during the main scenario quest series. If you have forgotten that you are looking for an NPC called Grigge, he will either have a blue quest symbol over his head or the Levequest card symbol over his head, depending on whether you have spoken to him before.

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The most efficient levequest you can expect from Grigge is a TradeCraft Levequest for alchemist. You should take the Level 86 quest called “Practical Command”. With this quest you have to produce three bottles of “drink from the commanding craftsman”. This is so good because all materials can be collected by your followers. This means, while making the objects, you will already collect more materials to make more with it.

After completing the quest, you will also receive material rewards in addition to your Gil. The materials they receive are materials that are used to produce the potion of the commanding craftsman, which is great to keep making the quest. You should also try to produce high -quality objects as this doubles your reward money. If you need further help for Final Fantasy XIV, be sure to read our other guidelines.

Final Fantasy XIV is now available for PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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