Missing snaps and weakness in home: Aue descends into the 3rd league

Aue played in the 2nd Bundesliga for six years, this time ends in the summer of 2022. After an overall weak season, the violets descended. As in 2016, the club will take the next attempt not to stay in the 3rd league for long, at that time the direct return succeeded. This project will tackle Aue with a new trainer, negotiations with Bayreuth’s Timo Rost should have progressed well.

Watch incredible miss from on the goal line!

As so often, the descent in Aue is complex. As early as the summer of 2021, one could guess that the team from the Ore Mountains could have problems, because Pascal Testroet and Florian Krüger were given two very important offensive players. Testroet scored twelve goals for Aue last season, Krüger came to eleven goals. Goals that are missing from the relegation this season because a real striker has not found himself.

We can only apologize for this service, the descent is fully deserved.

Sören Gonther

In addition, the bad start played into the weak season, after only three points (no victory) from the first eight games, the new coach Aleksey Shpilevski had to go again. Marc Hensel initially succeeded, but he lacked the necessary license. As of November, Pavel Dotchev was responsible for the team, who also held the function of the sporting director and thus sought his own successor.

only three victories in front of their own audience

Another problem in Aue was the weakness of home. Teams that fight for the league are often defined by the strength in front of their own audience. Only three home wins and 17th place in the home table are of course not enough. Overall, it was a messed up year in which one also has to say that the squad with Testroet and Krüger lost plenty of class and was simply not good enough to survive in the 2nd Bundesliga.

0: 6 seals the descent – “I’ve never experienced that in football”

The 0: 6 in Darmstadt, with three goals in three minutes, was not only synonymous with the descent, but also significant for the team’s season from the Ore Mountains. After the game, experienced central defender Sören Gonther described the clear bankruptcy and the descent at “Sky” as “one of the blackest days of my career”. “We can only apologize for this performance, the descent is fully deserved,” said the 35-year-old.

Captain Dimitrij Nazarov saw the same after the final whistle. “You can’t even explain what happened today, so you don’t even go to the goal in training. I have never seen that in football,” said the 32-year-old, who has been playing with the violets for six years, bitterly disappointed.

Nazarov hopes for a conciliatory conclusion

After the game there were smaller riots in the fan block of the violets, anger and grief mixed. “When you see adults crying and you are with guilt, it hurts extremely,” Nazarov gave insights into his emotional world. How it goes on is open, other players like Gonther do not have a contract for the 3rd league.

After the violent clap, Nazarov hopes “for a conciliatory conclusion” against Bremen and Dresden. And then? “Then a fresh start is needed,” said the striker.