Sonic Frontiers receives an update of the launch window

After the premiere in cinemas of Ssic the hedgehog 2 The fans of the Blue Blur of Sega undoubtedly feel curious about the next great franchise game. _ Sonic_fronteras_. Sega and Sonic Team previously announced a 2022 vacation launch window for the game, but little information has been revealed in recent months. During a recent live transmission by Sonicla Social Networks Manager Katie Chrzanowski reiterated that Sega still plans to launch the game during the Christmas season of 2022, and it seems that we will get more information about Fronteras Sonica during the next months.

«I see many people asking about [Seic] fronteras we have no news about fronteras today but don’t worry soon. You are still scheduled to leave this vacation, so we will have news for you this year, don’t worry, ”said Chrzanowski.

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Fans should be happy to know that the game will not see another delay; Originally it was planned to launch last year for the 30th anniversary of the character. SEGA has not said anything about fronteras sonic in recent months, revealing little about the game and its mechanics. The game debut trailer revealed an open world environment, where players can take advantage of the character’s speed. Sega has also made fun that Sonic’s speed will take into account the “new combat styles.”

The wait can be agonizing for some Sonic fans, but fortunately Sega has something to help them. _ Sonic Origins_ will be launched in June and will offer some of the first adventures of the character, along with several improvements and new characteristics. The collection is not as exciting as a new game as _ sonic factors_ but I should give Blue Blur fans something else to enjoy in 2022!

_ Sonico Fronteras_ will be released at the end of this year in Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC. Meanwhile, you can consult our coverage of everything related to Sonic here.

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