Blade and soul

The fundraising for the creation of the Blade Runner board game has begun: The Roleplaying Game

Today, the crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the Role -playing game Blade Runner has begun.

According to Thomas Herenstam, the leading designer and co -founder of Free League (publisher of the game), most of the superficial gameplay is an investigation. Players have to act as hunters for replicants from the Los Angeles police department, better known as Blade Runners. They will visit different places, talk with people and collect evidence. But the heroes will also solve existential issues.

BLADE RUNNER RPG Kickstarter Trailer
This path is clear in the process of creating a character who asks the players to generate key memory and determine the key relations that form how their character interacts with the world. Searching for ways of interacting with these key elements during sessions will allow players to earn humanity points that can be spent on increasing the level of skills.

The fundraising campaign for Blade Runner: The Roleplaying Game will end on May 29. At the time of publication, the news has already raised more than $ 600,000.