Final Fantasy XIV

Nier Re [in] Carnation C) will happen on May 10

The director and producer of the Final Fantasy XIV Naoki Yosid during the direct broadcast of Nier Re [in] Carnation reported the imminent collaboration of two games. The leading screenwriter FFXIV Natsuko Isikawa begins to work on the NR. But not this news caused the main stir.

Nier Re[In]carnation JP (Android/IOS) - New character event and new event memories

At the end of the trailer’s collaborator, the FFXIV Shadowbringers additions appears for a few moments shown in the collaboration of the trailer for several moments. The producer of Nier Josuke Saito said that Ishikawa would just be engaged in the story of this character in the crossover.

There will also be White Mage, Dragoon, and Dark Knight in Nier Re [in] Carnation. The event will happen tomorrow, May 10.