Final Fantasy XIV

In Final Fantasy XIV you can drink a seagull for seven dollars per character

Final Fantasy XIV Is A Serious Video Game
Despite the fact that the multi -user role -playing game Final Fantasy XIV is distributed by subscription with an additional purchase of the plot DLC, the game also presents a gaming store with various cosmetic objects for characters and households, as well as with emotions through which you can show everyone around your mood.

More recently, Square Enix has released a new emotion in the Final Fantasy XIV – your character will get a cup of tea with a saucer and begin to enjoy the drink. Everything would be fine, but the price of emotion is seven US dollars. Moreover, it cannot be purchased at once on all the characters of the account. If you suddenly decide to drink a seagull of the second hero, you will have to lay out seven bucks again.

In support of such an important update, Square Enix even released a demonstration video. Truly Naoki Yosida is a new genius of industry!

Final Fantasy XIV is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.