Pokemon Go in May 2022: Codes with clothing for avatars, Poke Balls, berries and more free objects

Apart from with poképaradas, events or research tasks, another way to obtain special objects in Pokémon Go is with the use of codes . They are not usually very common and most of the time their use is only temporary, so the important thing is to use them as soon as possible.

In the following guide we will tell you what are the codes that will be available in May 2022 , although we will update the content in the event that any of them expires or some new appears.

Pokémon GO codes in May 2022

Then we leave you with all the codes you can use. Of course, its use is limited to once on behalf of :






Poké Ball X10



Poké Ball X10, Baya Pinia X10 and Incense x1

On the other hand, the way of redeeming the codes varies depending on the operating system of your mobile device.

Card Pokémon Go codes on Android

The fastest way to use codes in Android is going to the next website, connect with your account and write the code in question. You can also access the game of the game itself and below the option will appear to introduce the code that will unlock the objects.

Card Pokémon Go codes in iOS

In the iOS versions there is only a single method to use the codes and is accessing the next website. Copies and stick or write it and you will automatically receive the rewards in your departure.

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