Final Fantasy XIV

The best Christmas gifts for PlayStation 4 owners

The 2019 holiday season is closer and closer and the PS4 player in your life always needs a well -chosen vacation loot. Your only recourse is to bless them with fabulous PS4 games! On this note, this list will be a boon for you or any other person looking for gifts for the player PlayStation in their life. Anything that goes from shooters to fighting games, role-playing games is covered below. Continue reading and be well armed for the next shopping season!

Final Fantasy VIII remastered

Perfect if you shop for someone who remembers the good old days. You know, when the protagonists were running crazy, the bad guys were ready to destroy time and space, and magic was like a substance improving the performance you have extracted from the earth. Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is a second overview of one of the most controversial entries in the Final Fantasy series, the second (in this regard) only for each entry of the Final Fantasy series. If you have a new RPG fan on your shopping list, know that this game allowed me to stay awake until sunrise for many weekends in my reckless youth. Final Fantasy VIII: This is the kind of fun insomnia!

Dragon Quest Builders 2

Do you have budding architects in your life? Anyone who should have been lord of his own kingdom now? So Dragon Quest Builders 2 will be perfect for them. Châteaux can become larger, the behavior of city dwellers can become stranger, and water expanses now have a similar depth. In addition, you can hang the plans of all the structures you see during the online game. It is the perfect mechanism for the autocratic Lord who has very little time. Or you can simply build massive colonies with a single bathroom and watch people suffer. The choice belongs to you!

10 Best Christmas Gifts For Gamers [2021]

Dead death

The criticisms have arrived and the verdict is clear: Death Stranding is either a horrible and ill -rhythmic walking simulator, or an incredible walking simulator superbly designed. Anyway, this game will almost certainly suit the unconditional Kojima of your life. Even a faded fan will surely give it a second sober look, whatever the criticism. For what it is worth, our own Paul Sullivan loved it. Anyone who is passionate about the exhaustive excavation of pop culture analysis will be really grateful or ready to curse your name if you offer them Death Stranding.

Call of Duty: Modern War

In order to sow confusion among parents around the world, the last Call of Duty game shares a name with a much older entry in the same series. Strange nomenclature aside, Modern Warfare offers a captivating solo campaign, as well as all the quality of life improvements that you are entitled to expect from this perennial franchise of N n Gun (shoot ‘n scoot?). If you are on the fence about it, we have a multitude of brilliant reports ready to teach you everything you need to know. Be notified, however, that the campaign mode becomes real, at least in the context of the usual super soldiers, Grimdark patriotism and the intrigues of war is hell. Is there also more multiplayer campsite?