Final Fantasy XIV

How to defeat Ruby Weapon in Cinder Drift Normal in Final Fantasy XIV

Cinder Drift Normal is a new test added in Final Fantasy XIV The Correct 5.2. Just like in Final Fantasy 7, it is an optional boss fight, but you will still want to erase the Ruby weapon; All signs indicate that more weapons play an important role in shadowbringers history later in expansion.

Once the Ruby weapon is unlocked, you can put it in queue in Duty Finder. This guide will explain the mechanisms you will see in normal mode.

First phase

The first half of Cinder Drift is heavy with positioning. Keep a trace of the AOEs and monitor the precipitated boss attacks and you will easily finish the fight.

stamp : a moderately heavy tankbuster.

Ultima optimized : damage to the raid scale. Protect and treat if necessary.

Flexiclaw : a crack pattern appears on the ground. Depending on the next attack, you will avoid these cracks or you will stand on it.

Liquification : Stay on one of the cracks to avoid instant death.

SAPER : Avoid cracks on the ground to avoid instant death.

Ruby Ray : A laser attack, just like Alexander’s Megabeam, who targets a random player. Put yourself behind the boss.

Helicoclaw : A whirlwind appears on the ground and the areas of interest will trace the pattern. There is a safe place near the back left of the boss, but it can be difficult to find.

High power SEO : The battery markers target two members of the group. Divide the group to undergo the damage.

RAVENSFLIGHT : The boss starts along the tires bearing strips that appear on the ground.

Ruby Dynamics : A huge cleavage that covers most of the ground, followed by AOES which target each member of the group. Spread to avoid overlapping.

These mechanisms are repeated until the Ruby weapon reaches 0.1% of the points of life.

Second phase

The kinematics delimits the first half of the fight of the second half. Fortunately, if your party fades after this point, you will start again halfway. For the most part, the second phase of Cinder

Addes will appear shortly after the kinematics. Kill them quickly to avoid wiping.

Meteor Stream : The AOE targets half the party, then the other half.

FFXIV - The Cinder Drift Guide
Meteor markers appear on the ground. Move to the center to avoid damage when they fall and go behind the rocks to avoid instant death.

The arrows appear under several players who will deposit the AOE in the direction of the arrow.

Bradamante : a wide beam attack that targets a random player.

OUTION : damage to the raid scale.

All these mechanics are repeated until the boss reaches 0 life. The lower the damage of your group, the more the Ruby weapon will launch out of times. Caregivers must be aware of their use of charging time and their Mana reserve, especially if there are deaths of players.

After finishing normal, prepare to look at a Spoilerish kinematics and unlock Cinder Drift Expert.