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LOL – All winners of Soloq Challenge: High and Low Elo results in each position

The most important event for the Spanish community of League of Legends has ended. After three weeks of Solq Challenge we arrived at the goal of this career to get the highest position possible in qualifying items. A contest that has again ended with tension in its highest category. Finally, he has proclaimed champion Elyoya , but he has done so thanks to a final sprint in which he ended with just ten points of the advantage with respect to the second classified.

The winners of Solq Challenge

All the sauce of the final day was in the area of Alto MMR. Elyoya seemed to have abandoned the tournament after getting an amount of points that he estimated enough to win. However, Javierr’s borer put the Spanish jungle between the sword and the wall. Thus, Mad Lions decided to put aside his rest to find a final rush that assured him the competition. He achieved it losing the last game and thanks, in part, to his rival’s bad luck.

LOW ELO Patch 12.9 LoL TIER LIST | Mobalytics

If the League of Legends pairing system would have been a little faster, Javierr could have had a last chance to win the Solq Challenge . The Midlaner was looking for a game when Elyoya had already finished his participation after running out of time and had options to overcome it. Beyond the influence on the final result, the truth is that we would have liked to see him play a ranked that would be valued at 15,000 euros, since that was the economic difference between first and second.

All the interest of the High Elo section was lost in the competition for the lowest ranges. Beyond the show offered by the streamers, which was about, The competition was sentenced in favor of Reven . The former professional player does not maintain the level he had when he competed. However, he has shown that he has not lost the touch if he decides to get seriously and almost can reach the diamond range. It is not bad for Low Elo if we consider that the distribution of ranges indicates that less than 2% of League of Legends players get it.

These were all the winners

Beyond the usual controversies and tensions that took place during the tournament, The Solq Challenge has been a new success among the community . The addition of a parallel competition with lower level players has offered a wide variety of alternatives so that viewers have fun watching others enjoy or suffer with League of Legends. As usual, we say goodbye to this year’s edition and wait for his return for the next 2023.