Final Fantasy XIV

Serious defectation corrections in “FF14” Patch 6.1 are implemented on May 16 -Restarted the purchase / moving land

Square Enix has released the sixth in the official website on the company’s MMORPG “Final Fantasy XIV” on the “housing lottery system” implemented in patch 6.1.

On April 17, despite the fact that there were applicants in the housing lottery sales, the problem was reported that “there were no lottery participants.” However, all bug fixes and their verification are completed. It seems that the data recovery maintenance is ready.

The data recovery maintenance will be implemented on May 16, and the purchase / moving of the land that had been paused and paused will be resumed. If it is confirmed that the processing is working properly after maintenance, the next lottery sales will start at 0:00 on May 27. Even if you have won the lottery, you need to be careful because you will lose your land purchase right unless you have purchased it by the start of the next lottery application.

In addition, there was a commentary for those who were found to have been elected to the land lottery due to data recovery, so the players who are wondering should be read once. It may be good.