Official announcement of the turn strategy “MARS TACTICS”. Strategic battle between Mars capital and labor

Puoded Horse officially announced the turn -based strategic game “ MARS TACTICS ” on May 17. The compatible platform is a PC (Steam), and the release time is 2023. According to the Steam store page, this work seems to support Japanese display.

“MARS TACTICS” is a strategic game that fights on a turn -based battle. Players will choose from two camps and challenge the battle. One of the camps is a capitalist, led by Mellon Corporation. It is a camp that can solve the energy problem of the earth and monopolizes the mining of new elements found on Mars. Although it has the advantages of huge resources and powerful starting points, it is said that the Earth shareholders will continue to make demands. The other camp is a labor. In the gathering of workers on Mars, it seems that resources are scarce, and it seems to be a play while fishing ammunition and supply from the surroundings.

In battle, various factors are involved. In addition to controlling the enemy team, attacking from the side, securing a ray, there are elements such as fog (uncertain element) on the battlefield. In this work, the player’s unit can shoot everything on the rays, and it seems that not only enemies but also the environment. For example, it is also possible to shoot the ceiling of the building, make a hole, and throw a grenade from there. Various operations can be performed depending on the creativity.

In this work, when soldiers are fired, the AP decreases and the ability to act is suppressed. Therefore, it seems that it is possible to aim for a side attack after aiming for a single target by aiming for a single target. In “MARS TACTICS”, bullets act according to real physical laws. For example, if you take off your enemy, you may hit another enemy, and there is a risk of hitting allies and citizens. Most objects on the stage can be destroyed and can create new rays by removing the shield.

Mars Tactics - Announcement Trailer | Turn-Based Tactical Game

Player’s units grow their unique characteristics and abilities according to what happened on the battlefield. If new soldiers continue to succeed in long -distance shooting, they will grow as a sniper. It is important to adapt to the growth of troops and formulate them through each play. In Mars, where resources are poor, local procurement on the battlefield is also needed. For example, if your own sniper uses up ammunition, you need to borrow ammunition from SMG owned by the surrounding corpses. If the enemy is building a fortress, use an airstrike or a cannon to deal with it. You can also play with armored vehicles breaking through the enemy’s barricade.

Player’s actions also affect the economy on Mars and Earth. Destruction of ice mine during battle seems to have a decrease in water supply and soar on food prices. Operations such as dare to cause economic losses and damage enemies will also be effective.

In each battle, each battlefield seems to be connected on a large map. As a result, it is also possible for squads around the battlefield to participate in battle as reinforcements. The strategy of acquiring the surrounding territory, ambushing enemies, and blocking the escape route is also effective.

Also, troop soldiers sometimes get tired or injured. Solders may be dispatched for special tasks to enhance support and recruitment of recruiters. Therefore, it is also important to always prepare many shifts as troops. The enemy soldiers and commanders also take various strategies to achieve their goals. Sometimes it seems to show complicated behavior, such as withdrawing once again, rebuilding the battle, and ambushing the player’s unit.

“MARS TACTICS” will be released for PC (Steam) in 2023.