Spirittea: rural bath house wants to be renovated in life simulation

The publisher No More Robots (Hypnospace Outlaw, Descenders) and the developer studio Cheesemaster Games today present Spirittea, a life simulation that plays in rural East Asia and in which the players renovate an old bath house and help to find their peace dozens of ghosts.

Inspired by the iconic life simulation Stardew Valley and classic ghost anime and mangas, Spirittea follows a writer who fled to the country to get his head free and find inspiration for his next novel.

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However, after he has accidentally drunk out of an old mystical teapot, our protagonist begins to see the ghost world that overlaps with its reality.

Wonyan, a annoying cat spirit and loyal guide, shows the writer how many ghosts have to be saved – and hand over the keys to an old bathhouse where the spirits relax.

Spirittea is both a life simulation and a management game in 1. The players live from day to day, find local NSCs and ghosts to which they can help, and follow many different hobbies, from beetle catches to karaoke.

Every spirit that you help then appears in your bath house, where you can offer him towels, salts, snacks and a wonderfully hot bath. The upgrading of your bath house with new furniture, rooms and bathrooms is the key to attract the most exciting spirits, including the difficult to tackle Lord spirits, each taking an entire room.

Spirittea will appear for PC and console later this year.