Level Infinite, Mobile MMORPG Cheonae Myung -do M

Level Infinite announced on the 20th that it has selected four members of Girls’ Generation Taeyeon, Monica, Kaday, and Yang Ik -jun as a promotional model for mobile MMORPG ‘Cheonae Myung -do M’, which is developed by Tencent’s Aurora Studio and is scheduled to service.

Girls’ Generation’s members Taeyeon, Dance Crew Prudsman’s Monica & Ceday, and Film Director Yang Ik -jun, who were selected as a promotional model, will continue their activities, starting with ‘Cheonae Myeongwoldo M’ TV CF.

In particular, Taeyeon is the motif of the bright moon of ‘Myeongwol’, Monica and K -Day are the blades of ‘Do’, and the scenes of the game of the game, and Yang Ik -joon, with the beautiful scenery of ‘Cheon -ae’, It plans to spread the advantages of ‘.

Earlier, from the 16th to 20th, the official lounge held an event to meet the four publicity models that were released for the first time and to meet who was.

A total of 11 Google Gift Cards will be paid to users who participated in the silhouette matching event.

‘Cheonae Myeongwoldo M’ was first released in the Chinese market in October 2020, and has achieved the top 5 of Apple App Store sales and maintained TOP 5 for two months with high -quality graphics and exciting battle pleasure.