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Square Enix registers new brands for Final Fantasy VII

Square Enix Trademarks Could Suggest More Final Fantasy VII Spin Offs

So far, fans of the seventh part of the Role -playing Games of Final Fantasy are looking forward to the announcement of the continuation of the remake, Square Enix, apparently, decided to engage in other game projects.

Recently, there was news on the Web that the Japanese company applied for registering a new trademark for Intergrade, which is an updated version of the Final Fantasy VII Remake for PlayStation 5.

But Square Enix did not stop there – applications were submitted for trademarks of two non -anced games in the FFVII universe – Labyrinth Striker and Final Bar Line. FFVII The First Soldier has already been released on mobile platforms, which suggests that this is not a shooter. By the way, it is possible that this is not about games at all, since no specific information is given in the description of the application.

Recently, Tetsuya Nomura shared information that in the near future the community should expect official updates to Final Fantasy 7 Remake. The game will soon celebrate its 25th anniversary, and the fans froze in anticipation of new announcements.