Fan crea remake of Dino crisis using the Unreal Engine 5

The public wants a new game of dino crisis . Throughout the last years we have seen various projects made by fans that reimagine the classic Capcom series in modern consoles. While the Japanese company ignores these prayers, A particular user has decided to create his own Dino Crisis game using Unreal Engine 5, and his work looks pretty good.

Recently, the user known as Enfant Terrible published a trailer of a remake of the first dino crisis, which was created using the Unreal Engine 5. The final work looks spectacular . Considering that we are talking about a horror survival, the atmosphere and the fearsome prehistoric creatures are first level. This was what its creator commented:

“Check out this great video of different rolls and projects of Unreal Engine 5 and imagine how a Dino crisis remake or the new crisis 4 would be seen using this new engine.”

Although in the future Capcom will give us exoprimal, an action game where we fight against dinosaurs, fans are still looking forward to the return of Regina and company . Along with this, we must not forget the hundreds of projects by fans that try to remastery the first game in the PC series using various mods.

In related issues, compound fracture, the spiritual successor of Dino crisis, shows us more of his adventure in this advance. Similarly, you can learn more about the series here.

Dino Crisis Fan Made Project 2019 Gameplay Trailer
Editor’s note:

The work that is being done with Unreal Engine 5 every day is better. This new trailer looks so real, that I would not be surprised if we eventually see something similar in a Capcom presentation. It is time for the Dino series to be back.