Details are presented about new awards for the collection and calendars in the Russian -speaking MMORPG LOST ARK

Tomorrow, May 25, the Russian-speaking version of MMORPG LOST ARK will receive a major update of Rovan, which will bring a new region, fractional wars and many other things into the game. On the eve of this event, My.games decided to share the details about some more changes in this May update:

  • New awards for the collections “Semyon Mokoko”, “Signs of the Seeker” and “Stars of Albion”;

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* In the 6th phase of the raid of heroic complexity on the Avranuld, the mechanics “gather around” will change: the called assistants will not be taken into account by the counter of the assembled players;

  • Two new calendars of awards. The first, standard, with daily entrance gifts for 25 days. The second, special, will allow newcomers and have long been not visiting players to receive additional gifts for the entrance for 15 days.