Final Fantasy XIV

Father Hironobu Sakaguchi, the father of FF, established “SQUARE” in “FF14”. As in the past, as a vice president in the game

In “ Final Fantasy XIV ” (hereinafter “FF14”), Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of the “FF” series, seems to have formed a free company. He is the name “SQUARE”, and the abbreviation is “SQ”. Mr. Sakaguchi’s job in a free company is “Vice President”, and it seems that the former vice president of Square has been involved in “SQUARE” in the same role in “FF14”.

In October 2021, Mr. Sakaguchi, the creator of the “FF” series, started playing this work with a dialogue with “FF14” producer and director Naoki Yoshida. It has been a hot topic about how to capture the main story with tremendous momentum (related articles) and launch a unique apparel brand “SAKAGUCCI” in the game (related articles). It seems that the fever has not cooled even after more than six months since the start of play, and on Twitter, the high difficulty content, “Manmaden Pan Demonium Type: Hayashi Hen”, and in the “Hello War War”. It seems that it is also rushing.

A free company is a guild created by players in the game of FF14. It is possible to purchase a free company, do housing, or enjoy chat with a dedicated chat channel. It is also possible to create an emblem that symbolizes the free company, and in the free company “SQUARE” formed by Mr. Sakaguchi, the motif of the “A” part of the old square logo, and the blue color of the “FF1” logo. The emblem is raised.

What I found interesting was that Mr. Sakaguchi’s position was “Vice President.” At the free company, you can set a position according to the authority, such as the master and submaster, and you can set the title freely. Mr. Sakaguchi, who once served as Vice President of Square, seems to be involved in the free company again as a vice president, tracing its history in the free company “SQUARE”. Since “SQUARE” does not accept subscription applications, it seems difficult for Mr. Sakaguchi to join unrelated players in the game.

Hironobu Sakaguchi, the father of the FF series, who enjoys “FF14” sincerely and is a topic of play. He seems to be formed a new free company “SQUARE” and enjoys the relationship with people unique to MMORPG. Even though he is the creator of the series, he keeps his eyes on Eorzea’s life, who enjoys this work as a player.

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