Final Fantasy XIV

What are the Final Fantasy XIV additions in order?

Like almost all successful MMORPG, FINAL FANTASY XIV continued to grow after the first release thanks to additions. Final Fantasy XIV currently has four complete additions , which have been released over the past 10 years. But with a constantly growing number, it can be difficult to track these extensions if you are not familiar with the game. Below we have listed all the Final Fantasy XIV additions in order, as well as some details about them so that you can be in the know. Final Fantasy currently has four extensions, the fifth of which is built on the plot.

All FFXIV extensions in order

Note about version 1.0 and Arr

In 2010, Final Fantasy XIV first came out. Commercial failure, the game was rebuilt from scratch over the next three years, until it was reprinted as Final Fantasy XIV: Aalm Reborn. To differ from the original game and rebuilding, they are designated as Final Fantasy XIV 1.0 and Final Fantasy XIV Arr. In order to confuse the situation even more, this change meant that ARR is designated as version 2.0 of the game in patches, which means that the first expansion of the game, Heavensward, is actually designated as FFXIV 3.0, Stormblood-as 4.0 and so on.

Heaven (2015)

Heavensward was the first addition to FFXIV and transferred the player to Ishgard, where they intervened in the war between dragons and mainly the Elsenic population of Coertas. This extension added to the game of the driver, the dark knight and astrologer.

Bureurenik (2017)

In Stormblood, the action moved to two occupied nations ala migo and at home. You are fighting with the Harlean Empire on two fronts, fighting the Empire of Evil around the world. In this addition, a red magician and samurai are added.

Bringing Shadow (2019)

Shadowbringers sees a player abandoned in a parallel world to save a whole star from destruction. In irony from fantasy paths, your enemies are the forces of the Light itself. Gunbreaker and Dancer were added in this addition.

Endouder (2021)

In the climax of the story, Endwalker sees how you go to the mysterious Chariana and fight the threat of the Universe itself. Along the way, you will travel in time and through space. This extension added a sage and a reap.

??? (2023)

Details about the next extension are scarce, but the current Endwalker update cycle is approaching it.

Frequently asked questions about FFXIV expansion

What is the best addition to FFXIV at the moment?

The incredible thing in Final Fantasy XIV is that there is an extension for each. Some players will like the deep and emotional narrative of Heavensward, while others will like Endwalker’s height and excitement. Earlier we talked about the best additions to Final Fantasy XIV here.

will there be another addition for FFXIV?


There will be another FFXIV addition. The game is one of the most profitable for Square Enix and is one of the most popular franchises. In the game, history is currently being built for the following addition to hints that it will be concentrated on the void, the kingdom of demons and dark creatures.

When will the next FFXIV addition come out?

Judging by the two-year schedule for the release of past additions, the fifth addition of the Final Fantasy XIV will most likely be released in the second half of 2023.

And if you need additional information about the additions, read all the tasks of the main Endwalker script in the Final Fantasy XIV in the game manuals for professionals.