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The complete catalog of Street Fighter 6 peelters is filtered

During the great revelation of Street Fighter 6 yesterday we took the first glance to Ryu, Chun-Li and Luke, as well as Jamie and Kimberly, two new fighters. Along with this, the advance had a series of references to other characters in the series. Well, in less than 24 hours a filtration arose that claims to have the full competitors catalog. In this way, Street Fighter 6_ would have more than 20 combatants day 1.

WATCH OUT. Spoilers below.

It all started with small images that took a look at characters like Guile and Blanka. However, shortly after several complete designs of 22 fighters in total began to circulate through social networks. Here you can see completely new designs, which go in a line similar to what we saw yesterday . Similarly, in filtration you can also see the new models of Ryu, Chun-Li and Luke, Jamie and Kimberly, which would give truth to this shared information ahead of time.

Among the 22 fighters, We find the eight original characters of _street Fighter II, as well as Cammy and Dee Jay as representatives of super street Fighter II. There is no trace of the four bosses of this title. Similarly, ED is in charge of representing street Fighter IV. For their part, Rashid, Ed, and Luke of street Fighter v are back. We can also see Akuma. The rest are completely new.

With 22 fighters day one, including the eight main ones in the series, it seems that Capcom learned his lesson. Not only does the selection of characters are robust, but we will also see several ways, such as a single player adventure. Street Fighter 6_ will arrive in PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC at some point in 2023. On related issues, here you can see the new advance of the game and know all the new details.


Editor’s note:

Street Fighter 6 It seems that it will be the complete package. If the game arrives on the market one with a large selection of characters, which seems to be the case, as well as several game modes, Capcom will have shown that he learned from the mistakes he made with street Fighter v.