Guild wars 2

A date for the PS4 and PS5 versions of the Lost Epic game

One or Eight and Team Earth Wars have announced that the Lost Epic game will be available from July 28 on PS4 and PS5. This date will also mark the end of early access on PC and the title will therefore have a 1.0 update on Steam.


Take arms as God Slayer and explore the magnificent but perilous lands of Sanctum to protect humanity from the anger of these deities once and for all. Build and shape the Slayer God thanks to rich personalization and skill tree options to engage in intense fights, using ingenious objects, powerful enchantments and the divine skills of formidable weapons to meet each challenge to come. Update 1.0 also offers the brand new Sky Spire and the Raid boss, new objects and material for improving weapons and objects, new playable characters, and much more.

In short, here is the occasion dream for lovers of action games RPG and ‘2D Souls-like’ ‘to prepare to immerse yourself in a new game. The title is currently available on Steam for less than $ 25.