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Where to find Christinas priestess of the sun in V Rising

Kristina is the priestess of the sun-a vagabond boss in the game V Rising. Victory over it opens a recipe for glass, glass bottles and two potions, which makes it a very important victory for players looking for the best methods of treatment. Since most of the time it is in motion, it is important to attack it only at night so as not to get stuck in the sun on the road. Here you can find Christina the priestess of the sun.


Christina Priestess Sun Location

The priestess of the sun Christina can be found in Danly Farmlands . It will either be found in Dawn village or travel around the environs with two followers. Usually villain and also warrior will go with her, however, while on the road there is a chance to run into bruta group scientists , or a hunting detachment. The choice of the right moment for an ambush is important, since players can unnecessarily complicate the battle than it should be.

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It is recommended to raise the player’s equipment equipment to about 40, since Christina can be quite difficult to win. Her damage is not as high as other bosses, but it can be quickly treated. If the damage inflicted by the player does not exceed his healing ability, he can remain alive much longer than a night cycle. Iron weapons It is recommended to use, and they can be unlocked by defeating kuinsi King of bandits .

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