Final Fantasy XIV

FFXIV Naruto Glamor – How to look Naruto in Final Fantasy XIV

What’s this? Is it not enough to play the Ninja in Final Fantasy XIV? You say it looks more like Nongja? What if we told you that some new stylish topics inspired by Naruto’s beloved ninja master can help? Thanks to other amazing players, there are many images. But in all our searches it was difficult to surpass the following Naruto cosplay. Find out how to steal their appearance below.

How to look Naruto in FFXIV

Although the next outfits are intended not only for robbers and ninja, those who want to raise their character cosplay to a new level need male bear. Zhuzh with blond hair and blue eyes to really sell it. Otherwise, anyone, from Lala to Row, can enjoy trying on the image of a titled hero.

ffxiv costume Naruto 1

helmet *: Hatimaki of the Iliki Warrior
body : everyday jacket (pumpkin-orange)
gloves : no data
legs *: hemp trousers (pumpkin orange)
legs : Eastern Journey shoes (coal-black)
Weapon : Iron daggers
* accessory : Wanderer necklace

ffxiv costume 2

* helmet : Solve Hatigan (silver metallic)

Body *: improved jacket of emissary Shira (pumpkin-orange)
gloves : Pagos Field Dressing (Snow White)
Legs : Bottom leonhart (black soot)
legs *: exclusive shoes Eastern Journey (black soot)
Weapon *: Iron daggers

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