Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy VII 25th anniversary special program will be broadcast on June 17. Is it a new information on FF7R and FF7 Evaku Lissis?

Square Enix announced on June 10 that it will broadcast Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary Celebration commemorating Final Fantasy VII on June 17 at 7:00 am. did. The broadcast will deliver various latest information related to the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII. The broadcast time is scheduled for about 10 minutes.

Speaking of the latest information on Final Fantasy VII, the first thing to worry about is Final Fantasy VII Remake related information. The work will be released in April 2020 for PS4. Later, in December 2021, a PC version was released at the Epic Games store. As a story, the story until the escape escape is drawn, and the future development is waiting. Tetsuya Nomura also reported that new information will be released in June.

In addition, information is likely to be a follow-up report on Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis. The first report was delivered in February 2021. The corresponding platform is iOS/Android, which is reported to be distributed in 2022.

This work is a work that remakes the compilation of Final Fantasy VII. Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII, Before Crisis Final Fantasy VII, Darge of Cerberos Final Fantasy, etc. Integrates, Final Fantasy VII It is said to show the possibility of a different remake.

In addition to the development of Yoshinan Kitase and Tetsuya Nomura, the application bot involved in Nierlinker Nations is in charge of development. It is said that the distribution form will use a free item billing type with basic play. This work is expected to start distribution in the second half of this year, and a follow-up report is expected.

Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary Celebration will be broadcast on June 17th.