The free demo version is being distributed to the release of the cute evil action CULT OF THE LAMB on August 12. Become a lamb and purge pagans

Devolver Digital announced on June 10 that the 2D action Cult of the Lamb will be released on August 11. In Japan, it seems to be August 12 due to the time difference. Compatible platforms are PC/Mac (Steam) and PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S/Nintendo Switch. At the same time, the distribution of the demo version has started today.

Cult of the Lamb is a 2D action game that spreads the religion of the cult. The protagonist is a lamb who was about to be sacrificed by old religion. The lamb is saved by an ominous entity in a place. But the price is that he leads a cult that worships unknown existence. The ultimate goal of this work is to kill four bishops that seal the ominous being and release the seal.

The game is divided into a battle part that goes out on an adventure and purifies pagans, and a part-time work that builds a cult and manages believers. In the battle part, the adventure starts with weapons given in the first room. While progressing on a map with some branches, defeat the enemy in the small room. Basic action is slashing and avoiding. In addition, if you accumulate religion by defeating the enemy, you can activate the curse, a powerful range attack. If you defeat the enemy, a treasure chest will appear, and you can recover and get materials.

In the small room that appears on the stage, there are some useful NPCs. For example, if you encounter a fortune-teller crowneck, you can draw a card that gives you special abilities. You can obtain passive skills, such as you can get your physical strength additionally and Gain poison damage when attacking. In addition, if you meet the blacksmith Kudai, you can get weapons. Some of the weapons include a sword that repeats criticals with a certain probability, and a sword that fires a dead spirit that attacks nearby enemies by defeating enemies. While utilizing such random performance weapons, we aim to destroy pagans. If you help people who are trapped on the way or defeat the middle boss, you can teach them. You can welcome the lamb’s cult as a new believer.

In the cult management part, the believer can give an order and collect nearby wood and st1. Even so, the players themselves will collect resources because they are not enough. The believers have an empty hungry and need to give them a regular meal. By building a cooking bonfire and cooking ingredients such as berries, you can make a meal to believers. In order to guide the believers, the lord of the cult also needs to work.

The Cult of the Lamb demonstration, which is currently being distributed, can be experienced until the cult is constructed and the first boss is defeated. You can experience the game play of this work, which repeats purging while expanding the base. CULT OF THE LAMB will be released on August 12 for PC/Mac (Steam) and PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S/Nintendo Switch.