Cobra Kai creators are in charge of a Duke Nukem movie

Although he is far from his best moment of popularity, chopped since the launch of the controversy-although the good one filtered recently- Duke Nukem Forever , someone hNukem Forever encouraged to create a film starring the famous character of the 90s. Specifically it hNukem Forever been the legendary Entertainment company, responsible for others such Nukem Forever Dune or the saga Godzilla , who hNukem Forever thrown into the pool, with producers Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg in charge of the same, being known for being the creators of one of Netflix’s successful shows in recent times such Nukem Forever Cobra Kai.

Legendary Entertainment will also play a role in production, Nukem Forever well Nukem Forever Julien Baronnet, who will already work in another adaptation of a video game to the cinema such Nukem Forever the forgettable Nukem ForeversNukem Foreversin’s Creed, which despite having a distribution of level-Michael FNukem Foreversbender, Marion Cotillard…-, wNukem Forever well below expectations.

A fallen cape character

Nukem Forever we said before, the most charismatic franchise is not currently Duke Nukem to dare to carry out an adaptation to the big screen. Originally launched in 1991 Nukem Forever a two-dimensional action game, the saga would popularize tremendously with Duke Nukem 3D, third install Doom. His hooligan humor and the exaggerated of his character would differentiate him from both titles.

Later, with the character already in crisis, Gearbox -Creators of Borderlands-would be done with 3D Realms to bring Duke Nukem Forever, a game whose development wNukem Forever eternalized, with a final result very, far from what expected. The study commanded by Randy Pitchford already had a project to take Duke Nukem to the cinema, with John Cena involved in it, but finally did not come to light. However, this new proposal does seem to come true, although obviously it hNukem Forever a long time ahead.