League of legends

LOL: We have triple trbiah of furious, crusaders and Newstrars in the Honor Division

After a break of a few days the Honor League returns to demonstrate that the intensity of Chile’s teams is increasing in each of the days, however, we see the high table with a very interesting fight for power, both the current Champion like the Crusaders and the stars seek to take the tip of the tournament to the things that happen on the following dates.

The first game placed Maze Gaming against eSports crusaders taking in the lane superior to a ganplank in the hands of Icebox who managed to keep the rivals at bay, placing the barrels in the right places to better punish reduce your life to the slightest, a game that the crusader team dominated from start to finish to end the game in their favor.

In the second confrontation we see Furious Gaming against Wolf Club Esports with a kalist in the hands of vice that would dominate the lower lane with the spears of the island of the Shadow, the match became on the side of the skull who They played as a team to be able to take the advantage and the game would end up closing with one more victory for the squad of the skull.

For the third meeting Dark Horse would fight with Rebirth Esports where ex1 would be the protagonist of the encounter with an Viago who wreaks havoc inside the Invcoder’s crack to be able to make the front line of the rivals fall, despite the above the above Rebirth team did not want to release the match, however, the fights would end in favor of the cavalry who ended up dominating to obtain the victory.

The fourth game put Movistar Optix against goal gaming with a trundle that was in the hands of funky dog with which it would give a lot of impact to the goal team who would take the early advantage but things would change in the team fights that Mox’s team would take in his favor to turn the confrontation with which they would take victory in his favor.


In the fifth confrontation Newstars fought with Santiago Wanderers where the Wukong of Higny would take the lead from the beginning taking an important advantage that gave the stars the impact on the game he needed, the power of the stars is present managing to place the casualties in the right moments to obtain a victory in their favor that keeps them in the draw in the first place.

A very intense day ends within the Chilean League with a triple tie between crusaders, furious and Newstars In the first positions, there are still several dates to vary things within the table, we will have to see If any squad of the middle part can sneak into the first four places.