Final Fantasy XIV

Hironobu Sakaguchi has built a Square Development Office in FF14. 60 FF official messages will be released in the house

In the game of Final Fantasy XIV (hereinafter FF14), it seems that Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of the FF series, is doing a housing that he is worried about. Mr. Sakaguchi reported on June 16 that a free company’s Square Development Office will be completed on his Twitter. In the future, the message of 60 FF series officials seems to be released in the house.


Mr. Sakaguchi reported on May 30 that he established a free company SQUARE (related article). When he participated in a free company’s lottery, he said, If you build a house, make it a square development office. The original story would be the hidden map Development Office that appeared in FF4. It is a spot where characters with the same name as the actual FF4 development staff will appear and you can listen to humorous lines. In 2015, it was a tribute to FF14, and characters modeled on the development staff appeared as Kaiha Tsutsu. It was popular as a limited-time event.

The character modeled by Hironobu Sakaguchi in the Development Office of FF4 appears in chocobo, muttering a mysterious line saying Shiyoka…. In addition to the image quoted above, the image is attached, and if you check the free company information of Mr. Sakaguchi from the FF14 official players site THE LODESTONE, the greeting message of the house is also Shiyoka… The character of. It seems that Sakaguchi himself likes this line, which is said to have been taken from his habit.

What I want to pay attention to is that Mr. Sakaguchi will publish a message in the Square Development Office in the future. It is a attempt to add a message from 60 FF series people using the Message Book Stand that can write free comments in the house. The message is expected to be completed in about two months, as the message will be added one by one a day.

Visitors can leave a message on the message book stand, but Mr. Sakaguchi asks for do not write to use it for the above attempts. There is also a like function that can easily send a positive reaction to the message book stand. Instead of commenting when browsing, I want to use the like function.

Hironobu Sakaguchi’s FF14 house Square Development Office is soon appeared. If you play at the same data center as Mr. Sakaguchi, it will be a spot that anyone can visit. In the future, the FF14 will also have a function to move the character by jumping over the data center. It seems that there is not so far from anywhere in Japan where it is possible to visit the Square Development Office.

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