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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Component 2 qualified Regeneration will be released next year for PS5

The short teasers from the trailer reveal small insights into the gameplay, consisting of Clouds time with Sephiroth and some indicators of where the remake legend leads. Throughout the news, Square Enix additionally confirmed that a 3rd video game is under advancement that is currently not revealed. The director later on verifies on Twitter that you are already servicing the third video game.

This second component of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake legend connections in with the events of the initial video game and also the intermission DLC, with which Yuffie was presented. Square Enix makes some large changes to the original background and also plays in a large method with timelines that ought to make part 2 a fascinating sequel to what Square Enix is constructing.

The very first trailer for Final Fantasy 7 Remake Component 2 was revealed and also validated that the game Final Fantasy 7 Remake is called Rebirth as well as will certainly be launched on PS5 in winter months 2023.

You can view the news trailer listed below:

Rebirth will most likely expose a lot extra about the past of Cloud and also Sephiroth and increase the teasing, which were received Final Fantasy 7 remake. The lack of the video game, which shows up on one more system than PS5, will certainly disappoint some fans.


Given that Final Fantasy 7 remake came to other systems after the first publication, Rejuvenation ought to do this as well.