Final Fantasy XIV

FFXIV terms are THE SIMS 4! Skillly included in the item explanation of the expansion pack

Users discovered that the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV terms were cleverly included in the new expansion pack WEREWOLVES GAME PACK of THE SIMS 4 **, which was released on June 17 Did.

WEREWOLVES is a expansion pack that transforms into a wearwolf and allows you to experience a life event unique to wolves, but for new furniture items, FFXIV two expansion jet-black villains and Katsuki no finale. The explanation of the relevant words was written.

One is the bookshelf Racked Teak-A GreatShelves. This is also the area of RAK’TIKA GREATWOOD, which is the stage of Jet Black Villains, and the description is Warriors of Write and Warriors of Light. There are from the theme song of the enemy to the lines quoted.
The other is the Sevent Confectioner’s Calamity Firewood Rack of the firewood rack, which is related to the Seventh Ghost Disaster, and the description describes a long compliment to the climax scene of the Katsuki no Finale.

Molly’Simgurunova ‘, producer of THE SIMS 4, said on Twitter, I wrote these items immediately after clearing Jet Black Villains Let’s cry if you recall the Finale of Akatsuki. Said. Fans of both games have been rejuvenated by joy, and they seem to be popular.