How to kill a mother of a bear on a raft

If you went on a trip to the island of Balboa, you may already know that you will face many bears and find many signs that warn you that you should stay from them at a distance. Mom-Medvet is a boss in RAFT, which can kill you if you do not prepare in advance. In this manual on the raft, we will tell you where you can find a mother-mother and how to kill her.

How to kill Mom-Madseda on the raft

As soon as you moored the boat to the side and enter the island of Balboa, you will come across a sign. Go along the path behind you when you stand in front of the sign, and start walking along a narrow path to find the cave guards the bear. Go straight and turn left to climb the hill. Continue to move forward, and soon you will meet Madveda’s mother.

There are many strategies that players can use to kill Mom-Medved in RAFT. After the murder of this enemy, players will receive the skin (15 pcs.), Raw meat (10 pcs.), The head of Mom-Medveditsa (1 pc.) And the vein-mother! Achievement.

The main strategy

If you are familiar with quests on the island of Balboa, you may already know that in the cave guards the Medvet, there is a drawer with prey that players must purchase in order to get objects of the quest; Machete and plan: Machete.

However, you simply cannot easily enter the cave. If you come too close, Mom Bear will cut your body into two parts. Therefore, instead, you will have to lift it from the entrance to the cave, collecting five wild berries from the shore and placing them in the container in front of the entrance to the cave. Then, as soon as Mom Lessa approaches him and begins to enjoy food, you can enter the cave from the back and get prey.


After Mom Lesser leaves the cave, and you in her, you can take this opportunity to kill her. Unfortunately, the mother of the bear has a huge health supply, which means that there will already be a lot of pain from her to kill and get rid of her.

Therefore, before starting any attacks, we recommend that you put on leather armor for additional safety and use long-range weapons, such as ordinary onions and metal arrows, for an attack from a safe distance.

As soon as Mom-Medvet begins to eat wild berries, go to the ledge in the nearby canyon and stand there to promote your attacks. Then start shooting at it with arrows and run back when it approaches you. Do this continuously until you reduce its health supply quite decently.

Attacking and moving back and forth, Madveda’s mother will return to eating berries again, which will give you the opportunity to once again catch her vulnerability and conduct more attacks. To kill this enemy, it will take about 40-50 arrows, and as soon as this is done, you will receive a solid award.

Keep in mind that in the process of attacking Mom-Madveda you will also suffer, since she has the ability to pursue you long distances. Moreover, it can suck almost half of your health if you are not careful. Therefore, always keep with you some healing objects to protect yourself from such scenarios.

cheese strategy

We value traditional battles with bosses, but what could be better than squeezing yourself out of the battle with the boss? We all love a cheese strategy, and here is one of them that you can use to get rid of the mother of the bear.

If you want to kill Madveda’s mother, without jeopardizing your health supply, you just need to find an elevated place where Mom-Medvet will not be able to approach you, and you can attack her from the bow, killing her twice as soon as expected.

To find this place, you need to carefully look at the front of the cave, and you will find a ledge directly above the entrance. While the big beast is chewing her berries, you can get to this place and attack her, caught her by surprise. From there and go, just go to the bear; She must die in the blink of an eye.