Blade and soul

Released in the original movie Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition that jumps into Los Angeles of the Future in 2019

Nightdive Studios has released Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition for PC/overseas PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch.

This work is a remastered version of the point and click adventure BLADE RUNNER released in 1997, based on the movie Blade Runner. Using skills and tools, you can investigate the future Los Angeles in 2019 and enjoy the atmosphere.

In addition, you can enjoy the real-time story structure and exchanges with more than 70 AI characters that have been motion captured, and visuals such as smoke, fire, fog, and rain have been newly reborn. In addition, the remastered version supports the HD display, and it also supports UI and support for game pads.

Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition is on sale for PC (Steam/ Xbox One/PS4/Nintendo Switch. GOG.COM will come with an original version when you purchase this work, and a campaign will be 50 % off if you own the original version.