The Sandbox, CJ ENM and Meta Bus Business Partnership

[Meta bus Moon Young-soo reporter] Meta bus gaming platform The Sandbox announced on the 4th that it has partnership with CJ ENM Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as CJ ENM).

This partnership is the core of providing methbus content experiences aimed at the global Z generation by creating a meta bus space for CJ ENM in Land, the virtual real estate of The Sandbox.

Through The Sandbox Platform, CJ ENM’s content will be expanded to the virtual world and the user’s direct experience will be expanded to expand the worldview. In addition, the company plans to produce new contents or provide new concept fandom experiences by combining the reality and virtual world by linking the activities of CJ ENM content users with the broadcasting program.


In addition, CJ ENM will expand various global IPs to virtual space to provide new types of experiences to build differentiated K-content metavuses in CJ ENM in The Sandbox.

Lee Seung-hee, CEO of the Sandbox Korea, said, CJ ENM, which is leading the domestic content industry in various fields such as dramas, movies, entertainment, and performances, will be with the sandbox. I expect that it will be abundant with more entertainment experience content of various genres.

Kim Sang-yeop, head of the CJ ENM Content R & D Center, said, We are planning to promote various methods of methabus business starting with the collaboration with the sandbox. I will do it.

Meanwhile, the Sandbox also joined CJ ENM, in addition to Samyang Annie, Studio Dragon, Toko Dak Mo, Pororo, Square Enix, Shift Up, Ubisoft, Atari, SM Brand Marketing It is expanding the world with more than 200 partners, including Snoop Dog, Warner Music Group, Dead Mouse, Adidas, Working Dead, Smurf, and Care Bear.