APEX LEGENDS Twitch viewers decreased by about 40 % from the previous month. The opening of the rank new split is also a shadow for streaming popularity

Apex Legends just started the rank match split 2 the other day. Although it is a popular streaming distribution, it seems that Twitch, the largest distribution site, is showing a decline in the number of viewers.

APEX LEGENDS has been streaming on each site since its release. On Twitch, one of the popular titles that has been stable for a long time and has attracted nearly 100,000 viewers. Immediately after the start of Season 13, the number of viewers has exceeded about 320,000, gaining extremely popularity.

However, recently, the popularity on Twitch seems to be sluggish rapidly. According to SULLY GNOME, the number of viewers of about 38 % has decreased compared to one month ago. The average number of viewers on Twitch as a whole was almost the same as last month, maintaining about 2.5 million people. In addition, other popular titles such as Valorant, Fort Night, and Call of Duty: Warzone are not so different from 1.5 %, 5.6 % decrease, and 8.1 % decrease. For this reason, only Apex Legends has greatly reduced the number of viewers.

In May and June, the number of viewers of APEX LEGENDS tended to decrease slightly, but the number of viewers this year is remarkable. Why has the number of viewers decreased so far? The cause is the decrease in the number of distributors itself. According to SULLY GNOME, the number of channels distributing this work has decreased by 17.6 % since last month. So why is the number of distributors decreasing?

The first thing that can be considered is a problem. At the start of Season 13, there was also a glitch that intentionally dropped the server (now revised). In addition, the bug of the rowa that has recurred since the opening of the season has not yet been solved. The development team is currently working on corrections, but the fixed time has not been revealed. In recent years, there are many user reports that so-called bullets have occurred, which is considered to be due to server lags or hit judgments. Due to the instability of these games, the distributor may not be playing this work.

The next possible cause is the change in the rank match system. From the APEX LEGENDS season 13, the introduction of ranked relegation and the change in the ranking (RP) acquisition system have changed dramatically in the rank match. It is a rank match that most of the streamer mainly distributes. There may be quite a few distributors who have stopped distributing this work because they are not familiar with the ranking system changes.

On the other hand, the number of players is not significantly reduced. At Steam, from May to June, it has changed from about 390,000 to about 330,000 (Steamdb). The decline rate is not much different from the previous season. Of course, other platforms are not necessarily the same. However, the sluggish, such as the number of viewers on Twitch, is not found in the number of players on Steam at least.

As described above, the sluggish numbers are currently limited to Twitch viewers. On the other hand, there are many reports of rugs or hits that have a significant effect on gameplay. There is a great possibility that such instability will eventually affect the number of players. Immediate corrections will be waiting.