New world

This game made me face one of my phobias and also managed to have fun

I have a certain fear of water . It is nothing extreme, but I am one of those boring people, who have a bad time on the beaches, where I barely cover my knees, and in the pools, where I do not let go of the edge. I don’t know how to swim and I think that increases my sensations . I would not say that it is an extreme hydrophobia, but everything related to the underwater world gives me a lot of anxiety.

What a video game taught me

Even seeing maritime documentaries makes me feel uncomfortable and that my heart accelerates. I saw myth Breathing by oxygen bottle.

With the aquatic phases of video games , where the future of the character depends on me, it is even worse. They overcome these types of situations and force me to do a psychological job to overcome them, even if they are punctual as in Horizon Forbidden West. Imagine what I find it hard to consider putting themselves at games controls that only take place in the underwater world.


When I saw this game it caught my attention, because I reminded me of two of my favorite games. On the one hand, a limbo with its tones in black and white so characteristic. On the other, to gray for its design and handmade drawings. So I had toface my fears and enter this adventure *. I had no choice.

Silt is one of those indies adventures that you will pass in the blink of an eye, since it hardly lasts two or three hours and the sensations it transmits are pleasant and fun. We take control of an diver that wakes up in a surreal oceanic place in which we must explore to unravel lost mysteries. An initial premise that will develop speechless and that is one of those that are worth discovering.

An underwater learning that has possessed me

The particularity of its development is that we can possess the different creatures that inhabit that immense world that we have under water. And we will need to do it to solve the little puzzles he proposes, which combine logic with ability . From taking control of a hammer fish to break a structure to dominate a fish bank to go through elusive areas.

The concept is simple and is repeated throughout the game with different variations and some more difficulty. Perhaps, the biggest paste that I have been able to get Silt is that The enemies make us One-Shot and, of one blow we will die, which makes us repeat some of the phases several times. The problem is that many of their puzzles are made through the test and error format , since the game is not explanatory. But, if we ignore those moments that are a bit frustrating, the experience is satisfactory.

And, without proposing it to me, Silt has been quite therapeutic when overcoming my fears . I’m not going to throw myself into a head pool, but I can extrapolate the mental exercise I have done to play with this adventure when I am in the water. Because video games are also a tool to overcome fears. I don’t know if I will get it, but I have taken a small step.