How to play Sweet Circuit in Tears of Themis – Stellis Anniversary Event Festive Games Guide

The anniversary event Tears of Themis, Blissful Fête, takes place during July and brings many celebrations of Stellis for lawyers so that they can enjoy, and the resources that can be collected for the desired limited banner of Shadow of Themis. From from July 5, 2022 to July 30, 2022 you can play various holiday games with your favorite men to earn S-Chips and Likes Celebration Stickers.

One of the festive games you can play is called Testing of Love. Go to Stellis Celebration menu Over X-Note, select Festive games and select Sweet tracks tab for starters.

How to play Sweet Circuit in the anniversary event Tears of Themis

In Sweet Circuit, your goal is to create a path from start tile to End tiles with fingers on tiles. Each tile gives a certain number of glasses, so the more tiles you use in your path, the higher your account will be. You need to use all the tiles to score enough points for the s-chip reward.


The images above demonstrate two ways to solve the puzzle. The first image is what the puzzle looks like when starting the game. You can complete it by creating a short path from beginning to end, as shown in the second image, but you will receive only about 150 points for this. On the contrary, the use of all tiles, as in the third image, will bring you more than 1,500 points.

Each stage consists of three rounds . In later rounds you will encounter blue and red tiles from beginning to end. Keep in mind that the red tiles beginning can only be connected to the red tiles end, as well as with blue tiles. There are four stages that open throughout the event, so do not forget to look here from time to time. Do not forget to get your awards manually by pressing each award over the glass line (under the stages)!

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