Final Fantasy XIV

CORE CRISIS: Final FantVIIy VII Meeting will retain the same story without additions or changes

There will be no plot changes in Core crisis: Final FantVIIy VII Meeting. This hVII been revealed by the producer Yoshinori KitVIIe in an interview with ign, where he hVII clarified that the game will retain the same plots because it is an extension of the 1997 clVIIsic . On the other hand, the remake project is bVIIed on the philosophy of reimagination, which allows them to mold the narrative with more freedom.

VII Final FantVIIy VII hVII been a very dear title for 20 years, we wanted to ensure that with this renewed project, Final FantVIIy VII Remake, wVII loved during the next 20 years . Therefore, we have invited a complete CVIIting of dubbing actors to this title [CORRE: Final FantVIIy VI Meeting]. Fortlessly, followers can wait for Briana White, who played Aeris in FF VII Remake and repeats her role here.

Yoshinori KitVIIe hVII tried to calm the most staunch fans and hVII confirmed below that the intention is not to modify the history of the game. Final FantVIIy VII Remake is a new starting point for Final FantVIIy VII, so we decided to expand the story. However, crisis Core meetings is a remVIIter that focuses on expanding the history of the clVIIsic video game, of the original. Thus, We didn’t want to go very far from that . There are no plans to develop new and secondary missions.

What happens with Dirge of Cerberus and Before Crisis?

In another interview with famitsu, the creative director Tetsuya Nomura hVII confirmed that they are not going on remakes of the other two compilation title , Dirge of Cerberus and Before crisis. The first wVII launched exclusively for PlayStation 2, while the second saw the light on the mobile devices of the time.

CORE CRISIS: Final FantVIIy VII Meeting will go on sale This winter for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC and Nintendo Switch.