I hope it doesnt end with a single shot… The G70 Shooting Brake appeared in the Tomb of Wagon

The G70 Shooting Break is a strategic model developed and mass-produced by Genesis to target the European market. Steering and suspension at the Genesis European Regional Headquarters in Appenbach, Germany.

Hyundai Motor Company set up a product line according to the local characteristics. Therefore, the possibility of domestic launch was small. In addition, Korea is called the ‘tomb of wagon’. Genesis also said in the G70 Shooting Break World Premier in June last year that it would not be sold in other regions.

But somehow, it was in English. Some people said that inventory was accumulated due to the low local sales, and it was released in Korea to solve inventory. Last year, the G70 European sales volume totaled 96 units, and the sales volume was only 144 in January-April. Even though it is a sum of sedans and wagon sales, it can be seen that the sales volume is quite low. During the same period, domestic sales volume was 7,429 and 2,3, respectively.

The trim lineup is packed with two types of premium and sports packages. The test ride is a sports package that is the top trim. The engine offers only one 2.0 gasoline turbo, unlike Europe, where 2.2 diesel can be selected. It has a maximum output of 252 horsepower/6,200 rpm, a maximum torque of 36.0 kg.m/1400 ~ 4,000 rpm, and meets an eight-speed automatic transmission and rolls the rear wheel or four wheels.

Electronic control suspension, Michelin pilot sports 4S performance tire, and Brembo brake system are sports package specifications. The big and small shocks from the roads are firmly filtered out, while the movement is inhibited as much as possible by inhibiting the movement of the body as much as possible. Handling is also keen.

If you want a comfortable ride, you can change the driving mode to a comport. The tight damper relaxes and gently filters out the shock. If you choose the sports plus mode, the posture control device is turned off. If you push too much, you can lose your posture and get out of the path. Be careful with use. Pull the paddle shift to enable the manual mode. Thanks to the faster shifting than I thought, it quickly reaches the top speed. The stability is excellent at the high speed and the noise, such as the wind, is also well prevented.

The exterior is attractive. The smoothly fallen roofline, split tail lamp, and dual muffler create a unique shape that cannot be seen in the sedan. The interior is familiar and the second row space is suitable. The trunk default reduction capacity is 465 liters, and if you use all the two-row sheets folded at 4: 2: 4, you can easily load the bulky burden easily. The car is not too much. The ceiling is low and the length is short from the first row seat to the end of the trunk.

The merchandise is excellent. Consistently calm behavior, eye-catching sculptures, and a large loading space are the advantages. Not attracted 1. It is caused by the four-cylinder engine rotation texture that lacks emotion. By default, it is not a growing atmosphere because it is rough and rotating. If you’re aiming at the general market, it’s not a big problem. The problem is that the main stage of the car is a high-end market. In order to survive among the competitive manufacturers such as BMW, Benz and Audi, it is necessary to raise the completeness to one detail. Genesis wanted to supplement it as a weakness with an active sound system, but this is also heterogeneous. You can see why you are struggling in Europe.

Still, attempts are good. It is a part that recognizes the effort to expand the choice of consumer choice. It is also regarded as the most convincing Korean car in Europe. You can’t distribute it to the first alcohol. In order for Genesis to become a world-class high-end manufacturer, it is necessary to continue to create local specialized models such as the G70 shooting brake. I hope that the market response is not good right now. It is hoped that in Korea, it will continue to grow sustainable growth rather than one shot.

The price starts at 431 million won. The sports package, which is a test ride, costs 47.3 million won. The sports package full option is 59.1 million won. The competition model is the BMW 320i touring.