Integration of NHN game organization, merger with subsidiary NHN Bigfoot

NHN announced that it will merge with NHN Bigfoot, a game subsidiary, with the merger date of October 1st. At the same time, we will promote efficiency in the structure of group companies through selection and concentration focusing on the four core businesses.

NHN explained that the merger was made in response to changes in the internal and external environment surrounding the game business. The recent trend of rationalization of regulations on the game industry has secured business operation stability, and as new businesses within the group have entered a stable growth stage, conditions have been established to strongly focus on their main business, the game business.


In fact, the company announced that Hangame’s representative mobile web board game ‘Hangame Poker’ ranked 10th in the Google Play sales ranking on the 9th for the first time in about a year. He said that the effect of deregulation is gradually becoming visible.

At the beginning of this year, NHN merged its game subsidiaries, which were divided into NHN Bigfoot, NHN Pixelcube, and NHN RPG, into NHN Bigfoot. From the second half of this year, NHN will sequentially release a lineup of P&E games in various genres, including Darkest Days and Wooparu Odyssey, sports match prediction, social casino, RPG, and SNG. In the process, it plans to create synergy between business divisions by actively cooperating with NHN Cloud, which operates AI business, and NHN Payco, which operates payment and point business.

Starting with this merger, NHN will actively promote the efficiency of the structure of the group companies based on the business strategy of choice and concentration. Focusing on the four core businesses of content, technology, payment, and commerce, the current 82 consolidated corporations will be reorganized into 60 by 2024 to maximize management efficiency.

Woojin Jung, CEO of NHN, said, In order to seize new growth opportunities in the rapidly changing game industry, we want to focus our business capabilities on our headquarters and respond more actively. We will grow into a global top-tier tech company by leading the shared growth of our subsidiaries’ new businesses such as payment and commerce, he said.