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What are the best battle music for all time in video games? Delivery try to find an answer to the question

What are the best video game combat music? We started to investigate it with the entire editorial article.

Or this was at least the idea. The subject did not raise much enthusiasm, but maybe the quality will replace the quantity this time?

Go and know, but below are a few deliveries on our members’ thoughts on the subject!

Risto Karinkanta

By far the best and most nostalgic sounds are still found in the relevant yard classic heroes of Might & Magic III. _The combing music continues to take back to the lanes, where I humiliated the Dunkku rampart from a hero specializing in armor, to which the damage simply did not go through. Oh those were the days! I have been at weddings where the background music of the table section was playing _heroes music.

Now I don’t want to glow in any way, but the Polish Heroes Orchestra has recorded more than one album music from the _heroes series! _

Petri Kataja

One and the only one is impossible to name one of the best battles, but more of my favorites could be listed.

The idea was to start working on the article on the best battle music and the best battle tunes for final fantasy games. That final fantasy idea did not materialize, but if it had taken the breeze under its wings, there would have been a challenge here and much.

This is because final fantasy XIII: N, _final Fantasy VII or Final Fantasy VIII Battle music with boss trial tunes Now is all the best. But the most working in my ear are either FFVI_It’s tune or _FVVIII heard man with the machine gun, which plays while the Laguna character is in the battles. Perhaps the latter would take the victory with its difference, as it stands out to the advantage when compared to all other rallies in the series. However, the song was used in an outright incorrectly recent chocobo gp dungeon production.

But what other battle compositions waiting for what they mention are? From the level leap side, I could raise the music of the _donkey Kong Country _donkey Kong Country on the counter. Classic and for good reason. It starts lightly, but then becomes more serious. Like the battle itself, in principle anyway.

Perhaps third could be the yakuza game series full of high quality ear filling, escorted by electric guitar and without. The battles are in a big part of the series, so there is a lot of selection. Forking one and the only one is once again difficult, but yakuza 6 hearing destiny is something incredible. The rally starts up, but when the violin starts ringing, the hair will stand up. (In the same game bloodstained Philosophy and _yakuza 3 are strong candidates for the top spot.)

There are three examples of top spot in this category. On the other hand… One must Fall: 2097 has catchy gloom and super Smash Bros. Ultimatte would have a selection of hundreds of different songs and what are they street fighterit and, of course, also chrono trigger and ooh killer instinct also and and…

Niko Lähteenmäki

Octopath traveler. I have nothing else.

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