Beautiful girl x massage new rhythm game, during the tournament, Parents destroyed PCs players, about 200,000 Domitelessk Ladies sold out as soon as possible [Weekly Sparks 7/8 ~]

From July 8, 2022 (Fri) to July 14, 2022 (Thursday), GAMESpark’s top 5 articles read this week Gem Spa Ranking , abbreviated. It is time for Weekly Spaan *. It is also recommended for those who want to review for a week and want to know quickly because they are busy!

5th place- Bio Village Dmitlessk Ladies Statue is about 90cm

The high quality stew of the popular character Dmitlessk Women that appeared in Resident Evil Village has been on sale.

Although it is a Domitresk lady who is also known as a huge body in the game, the statu that appeared this time is about 90cm in height of 1/4 scale. It is particular about the texture of her skin, and comes with a pre-styled synthetic hair and a removable hat. In addition, we reproduce two types of poses with her nails out and cigarettes. Fakewood and marble pedestals, which are particular about the details, are also attractive.

The worrisome price is $ 1,499 (about 200,000 yen), which will be shipped to Q3 in 2023. In addition, reservations for domestic domestic reservations have been started, but now the reservation has been accepted.

Domitelessk Lady high quality stew with a price of about 200,000 yen and 90cm in height appears overseas!

4th place- Development of Duel Princess, Gentleman Enjoyment new announcement

QUREATE, which has sent a lot of sexuality games such as Duel Princess, Nozom Kiminomirai, and Wandering, has released a completely new title teaser site and announced detailed information on July 14.

The newly released Massage Freaks is a new sensory rhythm game with the theme of rhythm game x beautiful girl x massage . Players aim to relax and refresh the girls who are worried as well as body fatigue with their secret massage.

Also, after finishing the massage with a certain score, I finally entered NTR mode (she is very much her Rakusumudo) . At the time of NTR, no matter where you massage, it will be a pleasant Heaven state, and if you enter this mode, it is better to massage the whole body. Appeared characters, game systems, screenshots, etc. are introduced in detail in this article, so if you are interested, check it out.

Duel Princess QUREATE, Gentlemen’s great delight!?

3rd place- ELDEN RING mixed Tsubo man is officially recognized

Elden Ring In the overseas community, we are talking about a certain player.

It has been reported that the player, who claims to be Let Me Solo Her (let me defeat her alone), was summoned to a player who was struggling with a boss who could fight in the latter half of the game. I did it. His appearance said, It was a character equipped with two swords that did not wear anything other than the pot above the head. The community was a big topic in that it was there.

Due to its impact, Klein Tsuboi, Let Me Solo Her, quickly became aake in the community, and some users have created his parody activities and fan art. At that time, LET ME SOLO HER was performed on July 7, which arrived from Bandai Namco in the United States Only distributed by some industry officials promotional goods on Twitter. In the tweet, a message with illustrations from BANDAI NAMCO has been published, and he wrote thanks to the episodes and communities of the past series.

ELDEN RING legendary vase, finally to officially recognized… Give a sword and blessing letter from the official-defeats more than 2,000 powerful latter half bosses

2nd place-Live Alive Pre-preview without spoilers as much as possible

The remake version of the Super Nintendo software Live Live released by Square on September 2, 1994 will be revived on Nintendo Switch on July 22, 2022.

This work is an omnibus type RPG. Players will adventure with each unique hero designed by seven manga artists, the seven stories unfolded in different times. In the end of the Tokugawa period, the end of the Tokugawa period, the western play, the science fiction, and the world of various films can be experienced in various movies, and it is up to the player to play in the order. Unlike orthodox RPGs, one of the features is the game composition that changes according to the story, such as no battle or map movement depending on the scenario to play.

Among them, in this paper, we will deliver the early play report of Western edition, Keno, Bakumatsu, and SF. The contents of the remake version are delivered without spoilers in the story as much as possible so that the original version has been played for the first time. If you are worried, you can check the elements unique to the remake version and the evolved graphics, so please take a look!

[No spoilers as much as possible] Nintendo-go is a masterpiece remake! Live Alive preceding preview


1st place- Fort Night tournament Destroyed PC players are talked about

During the battle royal shooter Fortnite official competition Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS), parents were able to participate in the competition players were talked about.

The incident occurred on July 9, 2022 local time. Player REM (@remedyfv) was participating in FNCS. Meanwhile, he was called by his family and refused to play because he was playing a game at the tournament. He says his father, who was angry at the response, destroyed his PC and monitor. He also commented, The worst is that this PC was purchased with his own money, and his father did not pay one penny.

He posted the pattern on his Twitter, and popular streamer Jake Lucky took up the post and became a big topic. Later, Lucky consulted with PC shop PowerGPU and streamer Classify regarding this series of problems. With their cooperation, it has been reported that REM has been able to provide a new PC.

During the Fort Knight tournament, Parents destroyed PCs players are talking about unexpected salvation

The most read this week was an article by a player who broke his PC. By the way, only the graphic board GeForce GTX 1080 TI was successfully recovered.