Dragon ball legends

Pre -registration was opened in the Dragon Raja Origin on Zemit mobile MMORPG

The South Korean company Pangsky announced the beginning of the global stage of pre-registration in the new mobile MMORPG with blockchain Dragon Raja Origin on Zemit.

The events of the game will unfold inside the fantasy universe created by the Korean writer, the author of the bestseller and the cycle of the novels Dragon Raja-li Yondo.

The player will be able to fight the dragons and earn awards by choosing one of the three classes of the Knight character, archer and wizard. Developers from Billion Games Inc. They explain the economic model of the game as P2e (Play to Earn), and for registration in the project, until August 14, they promise gifts and capacity to get tokens and intra-game objects.

At the moment, preliminary registration is open only for Google Play users, and later it will become available for Apple AppStore.