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FF14 VTuber rushed to criticize as a stray player. Originally unrelated companies also publish unusual statements

The other day, players rushed to criticize the acts performed by a VTuber, who played Final Fantasy XIV (hereinafter FF14), and there was an event in which the parties apologized. The uproar occurred on July 13th due to the FF14 distribution of VTuber Nora. She had a so-called participation-type distribution form, going to content with a party with the viewer. However, in the distribution on the day, a general player who did not see the distribution from a mistake entered the content with the party entered the party. Later, Nora, as a result, intentionally makes the general player inicptingly unable to fight, and instruct the viewer to be expelled from her content. She was accused of her selfish play, and criticism was flooded on the Internet from other players who knew her situation.

FF14 has a function called Content Finder. Even if it is less than the specified number of content, the players who have applied for the same content can be played and played. In addition, there is an application method called a content roulette that does not know which content to hit in order to make up for the shortage of various content. To put it simply, it’s not unusual to go to content with a stray player you don’t know, and many players have a temporary party with strangers on a daily basis.

In this distribution of Nora, it was assumed that the content of the content would be available only for viewers and played without any stray players. However, due to the wrong count, he applied in a state of less than the specified number of people, and entered the content while the strayer participated. But she decides that she is a player who does not follow her own distribution rules without noticing it, and she ends up on MPK. MPK is an abbreviation of monster play kill, which refers to the act of using monsters to interfere with other players and incapacity, and is said to be bad manners in online games. In addition, she calls on the participating viewers for the expulsion of general players. And she just applied for the content without knowing anything, and the general player was exposed to the content without knowing the reason.

It is due to its special distribution style that she called for the expulsion instead of communication with stray players. She had a policy not only to enjoy at her first look, but also to think about gimmicks on her own. For this reason, her distribution comments banned spoilers and commentary, and participants were required to play according to her instructions. In addition, she was a Vtuber, a queen character, and was banned from in-game chat, in addition to avoiding attacks and gimmicks without instructions. In the distribution of such content, she judged a general player who was playing normally as a viewer who did not follow the distribution rules, and had reached her.

The focus on this matter is not only the more poor general player who has been exposed. First of all, there is a case that has a similar content, and the general player who participated in the party was expelled for no good reason, which became a problem. At the same time, it was a similar event to the past turmoil, and that the parties were performed in the game distribution with an unspecified number of viewers. FF14 also has a function to hide the player name and to make the initials of the initials from the perspective of trouble prevention, and it is recommended that other players are always considering. However, because Nora’s distribution was assumed to have a party only for viewers, it can be confirmed that her full name notation clearly shows the name of the general player.

It was also raised that even if there were rules in the distribution rules, they may have played lack of consideration. In fact, in the FF14, how to play roll play is also accepted by the official, and denying other players and trying to force their own play style is a violation of the rules. In this case, there were voices saying that it would be banned to avoid attacks without instructions just because the participants were tolerated. Many opinions were said to be very malicious after the participants were intentionally performed MPK.

After criticism was gathered in the events that occurred in this distribution, it can be said that there was a lot of agony about the proofing of the parties. Initially, Nora remained silent about the turmoil, and only responded to deleting the relevant part of his distribution archive. It was also a problem that the distributor, Caine Murasaki, who had participated in her distribution, was involved in the MPK, despite her experienced person, and was involved in the stray player. Although he acknowledged MPK in his game distribution that he had performed later, criticism was flooded with attitudes as if he had not seen much.

As a result, words such as outsiders, Vtuber, and FF14 were so upset that Twitter trends continued to rise for several days. At a later date, Nora will distribute this matter on her own YouTube and apologize for her self. He also announced that he had reported directly to the exposed general player and apologized, and that he voluntarily reported to the operation. Other distributors who have participated in the distribution have also issued an apology statement at the same time.

At the end of her apology, it is stated that it will take the weight of the situation and suspend the activity. However, the criticism of her did not stop, and a harsh word was thrown to Nora. Among them, even if the players who did the annoying act were opponents, there were many reply that exceeded the degree of degree, and after that, it continued to be talked about in various communities. In response to this turmoil, some other distributors, including Vtuber, who have distributed FF14, have been seen to take measures to stop the FF14 distribution for a while.

EBI TEMPURA himself, who was the same party in distribution and was expelled, said on Twitter. Starting with the word I’m okay, he said, I’m sorry about this riot, but I don’t want you to throw more malicious words, and I want you to be kind to the stakeholders. rice field.

On July 19, KADOKAWA GAME LINKAGE Co., Ltd. has issued an unusual statement on the uproar. The reason is that Caine Murasaki, who intentionally performed MPK, had contributed to Famitsu in the past. This is because the information was issued by the incorrect form of Famitsu writer was doing a problem among players who did not know the situation, and criticism was turned on irrelevant companies. See. In the statement, he apologized and said that the company was not involved in the uproar.

In recent years, the culture of posting videos of games on the Internet and distributing gameplay has become commonplace. The number of agreements on distribution is increasing from the company, and it can be said that there are more ways to enjoy watching it besides playing. Especially in online games, it is possible for viewers to gather in the game as a player, play content and chat together. FF14, a MMORPG, is one of the games that is close to distribution and compatibility with the distribution.

However, online games distribution are in trouble with players, and it is not unusual to encounter malicious players. However, the number of cases that the distributors themselves have been doing malicious acts have increased in recent years, and many people have a negative impression of the players who are distributing the game. In this case, there are voices asking the morals of the distributors in the game distribution, and at the same time, there are voices asking for the distribution on online games with an unspecified number of players.

In fact, the Dragon Quest X Online, also operated by Square Enix, has a so-called distribution server, and specific servers clearly prohibit game distribution. Every time these turmoil, FF14 has also called for the introduction of the distribution server system. However, it is also true that new exchanges will be created by the game distribution at the same time. It seems that the player cannot answer the way of dealing with the distributor.

Online games have play style as many players. As the way of playing is diversifying, you may be involved in troubles that the players have assumed or the relationships of human relationships. You may be too enthusiastic about playing, but you may want to point out words that are not very heartfelt. However, on the other side of the screen, I want to play with the moderation of everything without forgetting that there is always the same person as myself.

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