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One Piece creator shares a message at the end of the series

At the moment, the publication of One Piece has slowly paused while its creator, Eichiro Oda , a summer break is taken after working tirelessly to finish the saga Wano . And now, he is preparing mentally to draw the final saga, which will give a closure to the franchise after many years.

Through different media, he published a message to the fans of the series, in which he appreciates the follow-up that has been given to the work during these 25 years at birth the first manga publication. In addition, he emphasizes that several mysteries will be resolved as it reaches the end, this implies events that were left unanswered.

Here the message of him:


When I was a child, he had this thought. I wish I could draw a manga series in which the end is the most exciting part! I wonder if I will live up! ! Now, we have almost finished with Wano’s arch, and all the preparation work is ready. It took me 25 years to reach this point, hahaha. But it’s still fine if you start reading from here… from now on, this will be One Piece! I will draw all the mysteries that remain in this world that I have been hiding so far. It will be really interesting. Please open the seat belts. Thank you very much, I hope you follow me a little more.

There is little time for mangaka to return, so many have intrigue with respect to the aspect of the legendary treasure, but above all, to the future that awaits the characters during their adventure. It is worth mentioning that this last chapter of the saga could last about two or three years.