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The fire moon round: The finest event in Final Fantasy 14

In Final Fantasy 14 there are a great deal of exciting and also varied events that occur frequently yearly. The programmers attach wonderful importance to executing the actual holidays in Eorzea and always using a fresh journey. It will certainly never happen right here that a questline from the previous year is merely repeated. In keeping with this, new rewards such as installs, costume collections or buddies wave to the end.

For myself there is a great deal of vacations in Final Fantasy 14 (now purchase EUR 25.98), which I am expecting once again as well as once again. As an example, I am anticipating a reunion with thesing thrush at thePrinzessinfestin addition to the necessary look of Yoshi-P in the type of the relocating singer at thefest of the renewal _. Nevertheless, I am especially expecting an event each year: the fire moon round, with which summer season is commonly commemorated in August.

The fire moon round was the really first seasonal event that was provided to us after Final Fantasy 14’s brand-new launch in 2013. Source: Final Fantasy Of training course, a summertime and also coastline event can likewise be rather sexy. These fashionable eye-catchers should also be one of the factors, which is why we are always looking forward to this event.

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The climbing tower, which there was to climb up for a few years, additionally kept in mind well. In enhancement to the tower in Kugane, this was probably one of the trickiest jumping problems in Final Fantasy 14 as well as must have offered some aggravation.

Not just the functional yield, however additionally the events themselves were constantly an unique highlight. That does not such as to remember the threebombattantsthat have mixed up the 2016 event in the finest power ranger fashion? The heroic positions, which were available as a benefit, are still among the most popular GPose themes today.

a get-together with old personalities

Time and again there is enjoyable with the sustaining personalities that you have actually fulfilled at some time throughout the history of Final Fantasy 14. For instance, you come acrossKHLOE ,ZHLOEas well asT’KEBBE , which you have helped to develop the orphanage in FroheHalde for Heavensward times. Sure, there are also such experiences at other occasions, but you additionally such as to ignore them in the fray. The wide islands of the sunlight coastline, on the other hand, give the required liberty to stage these little get-together properly. No room would certainly be also fit for the summer event as the beaches of the sun shore. Source: Final Fantasy

The following event can come!

All of this is factor sufficient to look forward to the new event that is anticipated to expect in August 2022. I am truly excited to see which rewards will certainly anticipate this year and whether one or the various other glamor part may be there once more.


In Final Fantasy 14 there are a lot of varied as well as interesting events that take area regularly every year. I am particularly looking forward to an event every year: the fire moon round, with which summer is traditionally commemorated in August.

These elegant eye-catchers must likewise be one of the factors, which is why we are constantly looking forward to this event. That does not such as to keep in mind the threebombattantswho have blended up the 2016 event in the best power ranger manner? All of this is reason enough to look forward to the new event that is expected to anticipate in August 2022.

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