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Final Fantasy XIV Moonfire Faire 2022 – date, information, awards and much more

The Lunar Fire Fair is one of the annual events of the Final Fantasy XIV, on which new items are added, the summer months are noted and is generally tuned for beach holidays. In 2022, the event returns once again. And we have all the current details about the Final Fantasy XIV Moonfire Faire 2022, including the date, information, awards and much more!


date FFXIV Moonfire Faire 2022

Lunar fire fair 2022 will begin August 10, 2022 . It will end in August 26, 2022 . This corresponds to the previous events that usually begin in the second week of August.

Awards Final Fantasy XIV Moonfire Faire 2022

In April 2022, information about the awards of Moonfire Faire leaked into the network. The Content Content Fantasy XIV Lulu released photos of a new swimsuit along with the news that the Lisa hairstyle will be available to Vira (Vira is currently very limited hairstyles).

Awards, as expected: a set of bathing and beach costumes for the warriors, which players can stylize and enjoy. The full set, apparently, contains elements for the Chest Pieces, Legs and Feet slots.

In addition, a completely new item of housing will be added-a summer fire. This indescribable and unique item will be available only in this event.

ffxiv moonfire Faire 2022 Additional information

At the Lunar Fire Fire 2022, as usual, there will be a chain of tasks and several familiar faces. To begin the quest Lunar Fire Fire 2022, go to the rear castle in Loman Lomin and talk with Popauru (X: 11.5, Y: 13.8) .

The lunar fire fair is also traditionally a shorter or combined event, because it coincides with The Rising, another event, usually planned at the end of August or early September.

As a result, the Lunar Fire Fire 2022 is likely to cross or exceed the release of patch 6.2. There is also a chance that a lunar fire fair or climbing will come out the day after the update 6.2. Square Enix did this in the past when they announced the event the day after the release of the patch. This has become more common in the last patches, so it may well repeat!

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