Final Fantasy XIV

#Cloud Birthday Happy New Year Campaign is held on August 11-17- FF VII 25th anniversary

Square Enix will hold a #Cloud Birthday Happy New Year campaign to celebrate the birthday of Final Fantasy VII (FINAL FANTASY VII) to celebrate the birthday of cloud strife **. Announced.

Final Fantasy VII is the 7th popular RPG series and released for PS in 1997. This is an RPG that is evaluated for a system aspect of a detailed CG movie and a material, and a memorable story. Final Fantasy VII REMAKE, which was reborn as a new story over time, was released with a system that combines command battle and action, and the sequel Final Fantasy VII REBIRTH has been announced. increase.

This campaign will be held as the second of seven campaigns commemorating the 25th anniversary of such Final Fantasy VII. Applications to celebrate the cloud birthday on August 11th by tweeting with the hashtag #Cloud Birthday Happy Happy Happy and the official Twitter account (@Ffviir_cloud) (official Twitter account is also required) The original Amazon gift certificate will be won 7,000 yen for seven people by lottery. Please check this page for detailed participation methods and winning contacts.

The #Cloud Birthday Happy Happy New Year campaign will be held from 0:00 on August 11 to 23:59 on the 17th.