LOL: Riots great tribute to a streamer to show UDYRs Rework skills

When Riot Games announces a new champion or reWork for League of Legends , it is normal for the developer to play with the community’s hype and want to bring the singing voice announcing the novelties at their own rhythm. However, UDYR’s great update has been exceptional in the company. Instead of staying with all the prominence, those responsible for the game have decided to pay great tribute to one of the great streamers in the history of the game. In this way, they have allowed it to be Trick2g of the hero that made it so dear among the community.

All UDYR skills presented by Trick2G


The streamer, which began uploading videos to YouTube more than 11 years ago , has been responsible for sharing the footage in which all the UDYR ReWork spells are shown. Thus, he has exposed his four forms and the new unique mechanics of his passive, revealing all the details of the champion before Riot Games decided to make them officers or threw them in the PBE. In this way, we have been able to understand everything that this interesting new version of the champion makes a little in advance with respect to the usual calendar of League of Legends.

Below you can see all the skills that have been revealed , but take into account two details. We still do not know the official translation of the names of the skills and all statistics, in addition to being subject to changes, show the data at level one.

The Keys of the UDYR Rework

The truth is that Riot Games has been quite successful with the UDYR Rework, at least according to what we can see in the skills. League of Legends developers have known Maintain the identity of the champion and stop inventions. The only great novelty is that of its R (wings storm) that can now invoke an independent ability to the basic blows of the character when used to wake up. However, the rest of the kit is a review of the old spells of what is one of the oldest heroes of the video game. The same, but adapted to the new times.

If before we suspected that the re-product date of the UDYR Rework should be on August 24 on the occasion of the Patch 12.16 , this acceleration in the presentations makes the champion even more obvious that the champion is about to join the PBE. There is hardly time for all players to try it and not just for the most privileged. Although we are not going to lie to you, it seems to us a great idea that Riot Games wanted to honor the one who is one of the most important content creators in the history of League of Legends.

If you want to enjoy Trick2G’s full video, you can do it on YouTube.