Blade and soul

Samurai Shodown invites himself into Kof XV, Kim Kaphwan also

It is inevitably a Samurai Shodown team that will certainly conclude the first DLC period for the KOF XV combat video game, at the risk of taxing SNK recycling (and even anachronism). Haohmaru, Nakoruru and Darli Blade will jump back in time to determine themselves the various other personalities in the homemade legends, so that the 4 lead characters of each major-fatal collection Fierceness, Art of Battling, Samurai Shodown and Kof – se find with each other in An SNK game to do battle.

In enhancement to confirmation of thecrossplayfor next year, SNK also used a review of season 2 for 2023 by upgrading its roadmap. Two characteristic characters of the legend will certainly go back to encourage followers to return to the check out, with Shingo Yabuki on one side, the senior high school trainee that appreciates Kyô until they copy the least motions, and also naturally Kim Kaphwan, the Grand Master of the Taekwondo strangely lacking from the original game. We recognize far better why now.


The King of Fighters XV-Bande-Annonce Team Samurai Shodown (DLC).

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